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We now have dedicated snow tires, including the ‘snowflake’ for our Mountain Yacht. We have been using them in winter 23-24 and they do really well in snow, but especially on hard packed snow and mild ice. We have not used the snow chains this winter, but we are happy we have them as a last resort and also in severe off road conditions (mud, side slopes and so on).

Original Blog (video below)

We are building a Mountain Yacht that will be travelling in the mountains during all seasons, but especially Winter. We have M+S tyres, 4×4, low gear, differential lockers all around and a hydraulic winch, so we are all good to go?

For most situations we are more than equipped, even for heavy snowstorms as our tyres are perfect for soft snow. Up- or Downhill in soft snow will not be the biggest of problems, thanks to the 4×4 and low gear: spades of control.

The problem is the day after the snow storm, when it turns into ice. Driving uphill will probably be ok (to a certain point) but serious downhill is a different story. 

The weight of our Mountain Yacht – travel ready including all fluids – will be around 15-16 tonnes. Once this weight starts to slip & slide there is no holding back.

That is why we are looking for two sets of snow-chains 14.00R20, so we will have a chain for every (driven) wheel. 

As snow chains in this size pretty much cost an arm and a leg we are looking at used chains, but we can not find ones we like. We also look at budget chains, but when we have to use our chains it will probably be in anger, so we better get something that will last.

We decide to buy the Pewag Austro-SV (Super Strong) chains as these are intended for professional use (forestry & heavy vehicles). Although not cheap, we think that these chains have a good price-quality value. The steel of the shackles is 8,2 mm thick and they are grooved for better traction. Pewag is a dedicated snow chain manufacturer and produces in homeland Austria.

The chains are individually packed in a sack. Each chain weighs a stunning 27 kg’s, so after fitting four you will not have to go to the gym anymore.

Mounting the snow chains is pretty straight forward: lay the chain out, drape it on the tyre, drive 1/4th backwards, connect the hook on the inside of the tyre, connect the hook on the outside of the tyre, tighten the tension chain, secure the tension lever and attach the end of the tension chain with the tension spring.

The Pewag chains feel rock-solid and they fit really well on our tyres, the chain nicely grips in the lugs of the tyre.

We can also use the chains in extreme off road conditions in case we need extra traction. In the forestry industry it is almost standard procedure to use snow chains, even in Summer. 

We can not wait to venture off into the worst (winter) conditions with our traction aids! 

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