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As we converted the Sprinter 4×4 in 2017 this will be a commented photo report of the build.

This is basically part two of the build in which we will deal with the heating and electricity in the Sprinter. 

The rails are in and so are the Renault Espace leather captain chairs. Time to start working on the heating!
Ready for the next step: the tubing.
The Webasto neatly tucked away in an insulated box (less noise). Tubing ready for installation.
Installing the Webasto Airtop 40 EVO. We have a lot of experience with diesel heaters and have chosen for this type because it will auto-adjust to higher altitudes and that is a must for us. There is also an Eberspacher parking heater installed that can heat the engine coolant water & cabin.
Starting on the electricity. Initially we opted for an 260AH Beaut AGM battery. A 68 kgs monster! Unfortunately this battery loses a lot of it power in cold environments. So we replaced the Beaut for two Optima Blue Top 75AH batteries. A lot less power on paper but much stronger!
We opted for a Victron 3000 watts inverter. This makes sure that we can use several appliances but most importantly: have a nice cup of Nespresso in the morning!
Xenteq loader for shore power, which we hardly use because we are wild camping most of the time. 12v fuse block and main switch 220v. Western Co. solar regulator for our 150wh flexible solar panel.
Gioco Solutions Flexible Solar panel 150wh.
Almost there! We used heavy MEGA fuses as well as a Blue Sea Systems battery switch (the red one next to the Victron). We also have a Victron Cyrix switch between the battery of the Sprinter and the household battery.
Fusebox for the power sockets and 220v users. Every user has its own switch so possible electrical problems can be quickly located and isolated.
Victron BMV-700 monitor and the Webasto air heater control unit. We also have a Victron VE Direct smart dongle so we can see all the battery properties on our smart phone.
Our water system is very simple: two 25 liter jerrycans. The transparant one for fresh water with a Raichle submersible waterpump. The black one for the grey water. Foolproof and the pump has been working for the last 5 years. We have one in reserve in case it does brake.

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