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In 2005 we bought a Steyr 1291 (1982) truck in Austria. The Steyr was used to repair electricity masts in the mountains. It had a double cab so we could seat 6 persons in total. A 260 hp 6-cylinder turbo engine and a total of 12 gears (6 gears with splitter).  The Steyr had rear wheel drive and the front wheels could be engaged to 4×4. It had a 100% differential lock in the rear axle. It also came with an Hydraulic Rotzler winch which was a real monster. Once we switched the tyres to 14.00R20 Michelin XZL the top speed was a dazzling 125 km/hour. The cab also had a Eberspacher  parking heater.

We bought a Fokker Military shelter, used the existing subframe and mounted the shelter. We did the build ourselves. There was a sitting area that could be converted to a large bed, a kitchen and and bathroom. On top of the shelter we had a large Maggiolina rooftop tent. We also had a Hannibal rooftop tent on the roofrack on the cabin. On both sides awnings. At the back of the shelter we had a lift that could hold a Yamaha XT 600 and a spare tyre. It was also used to enter the shelter from the back.

The Steyr was used for European Holidays, some off-roading but mainly as a service truck for my Off-Road racing (Challenge) activities.  I quit those activities in 2011 and sold the Steyr. It is still somewhere in the world travelling with a Dutch adventurer!

We did not make many pictures during the build so the overview is mainly from the ready Steyr in action.