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Goooob morning, my name is Scotty and I was born in September 2020. I am a little bitch (yep, really, although I am very nice). I am a cross breed between a Cairn and Border terrier, which are Scottish breeds, hence my name Scotty!

My mum and dad are way cool. In fact, they are so cool that they gave me my own corner on their website! Hopefully you will enjoy my adventures. And do not forget: I love hugs!

This is when mum&dad picked me up, I was a very smol pupper of only 8 weeks old and although I missed my mum and siblings, I was so exited to start my new life!
This is my new dad, RP. He is bold and that is kinda weird but I like to lick his head.
This is my real mother, she is a fiesty Border terrier but really sweet!
This is my first and thiccest best fren in the whole world: Bear!
This is Henk, my second best fren in the world. He is quite smol, does not talk a lot but smiles really nice.
This is my third best fren in the whole world Kees, he is a big and smily doggo but is a bit of a whimp.
RP got me a bag to carry me around, mwao I can walk on my own!
This is my new mum. She was carrying me around in Amsterdam, what a cool city! But really: I can walk!
new dad with me on The Dam in Amsterdam, that's pretty cool!
This is Bobby & Me. She is a kind of a Labradoodledoodleiething floofer doggo but very nice. She is Remco's doggo. Remco is dad's best friend so it's ok. I love to play with her!
Kees, Henk & I just love to sleep.
Today I got a new fren: a monkey called Piet! The more the merry.
I love to run around in the forest, my natural habitat!
Yep, I know, I look like a smol porcupine in this picture!
I love lying on the couch, being as close to my hooman frens as possible! I have many frens: Mum&Dad's hooman children are my biggest frens! Every time Fleur, Sophie, Max, Bas and Morris come to visit I am jumping up and down with excitement.
I love X-mas! X-mas means my biggest hooman frens come to visit all day and night. And I get so many cuddles and tasty presents under (and in) the tree!  I love it!
My first snow experience, I am just crazy about this white stuff!
When the walk is too long my dad transports me in his backpack, I love the view from up here.
When we are away with Freerider I can sometimes stay on the bed for a while...... I know, I am such a lucky pupper!
I love my food but it never tastes beter than after a day running in the wild.
Today, I have an off-day and feel extremely scruffy....
This is my favourite position when we are sailing on the big boat. High and mighty on the flybridge on my favourite lounge sofa. Whenever we go sailing, mum&dad make me wear this stupid lifevest.
I have a pillow that looks just the same as me, so I can play hide & seek......
I love it when we go out on the little boat.....
especially when we go really fast!
Meet Pepper, my other doggo best fren. She is a real Floof!
Mum&dad even let me sail the big boat sometimes, that is really difficult!
A very proud moment, my first diploma! It sais I am a superpupper. 🙂
My mum&dad love to camp in the wild and take me with them all the time, fun!
Train ride in Corona times, on my way to Amsterdam.
That's me on the big boat. Mum&Dad have sold the boat now and that makes me a bit sad because I was always barking at the silly ducks.
This picture was taken in the Aosta region, Italy. Mum&Dad love it there and we have already been there many times. They like to camp in the wild and me too, so I can run around without a leash.
My dad had his birthday party and my hooman kids frens gave him this painting of me.
This is where I sleeeeep when mum & dad are skiing or doing other human stuff
One day, in a very cold country, mum & dad stuffed me in a backpack!
They took me in a steel cage high above the ground
And than we went skiing, and that was sooooo cool
I love to get cuddles from my mum, my ver best favourite spot on the couch
Helping mum with techie stuff
Dad training me to pull the huuuuuge truck!
I love my new dog pillow in the Mountain Yacht
I love to wander in the bush
My mum driving the Biggggg truck for the first time, me navigating!
Mum and dad had some trucky friends over and I had Otis to play with.