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When driving off-road it is very important that you bring your own recovery gear, especially when you have a heavy truck! You cannot rely on others to bring the sufficient recovery tools.

Some recovery gear is for self-recovery and some is for getting pulled out or pulling someone else out of a messy situation.

We are training Scotty to pull us out of nasty situations, but it seems that she needs some more training. 

This is a typical pulling recovery setup. Two d-shackles (12 tonnes, breaking strength 72 tonnes) on the official recovery points, a 10 tonnes (80 tonnes) bridle and the 40 tonnes kinetic rope. A nice and even spread (halving the load) over the two heavy duty recovery points of the HX.

Although the video above pretty much says it all, on the picture below you can see most of the recovery gear:

  • The two 12-tons d-shackles on the recovery points of the HX60              
  • The 10-tonnes round strap, round sling or bridle                                            
  •  The 40-tonnes kinetic rope, 8 meter long                                                         
  • The snatch-block or pulley-block, 4-tonnes, about 24 breaking               
  • The 10-tonnes (about 40 breaking) chain with hooks                                 
  •  The 10 tonnes (about 80 breaking) tree strap, 2 meters long                       

The extra tree strap that we use as a winch blanket is missing in this picture, it is in the video though. In the future we will do a separate article on safe Winch recovery.

Most products come from companies in the hoisting industry. The 40-tons kinetic rope is from a specialized recovery shop which makes them to order in this size. 

Any questions? Contact us and we try to help you if we can.

Amy & RP

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