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Although we are very experienced in building camper and expedition trucks, 4×4 driving and writing travel stories, this website – – is still in its startup phase since going live in November 2021. Because we are still new and growing, we will be able to be very flexible in our offering.

We offer the opportunity to advertise outdoor destinations and products via niche marketing. This promotion is possible via product reviews, travel stories, advertorials, newsletters and sponsored social media posts on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. We focus on content and affiliate marketing for the niche markets we move in: Expedition truck and camper builds, and the travel we do with these rigs.

We travel a lot to outdoor destinations and winter sports areas. As a result of these trips, we can provide an interesting promotion in the form of travel reports with pictures. We publish these on our website(s) and share them on social media.  We also have contacts with different printed media (magazines) for our publications.

Any products or trips which are offered as freebies will be tried out and covered on our website in an honest way. We are always looking for quality, unicorns and sustainability. We move outside the beaten tracks as much as possible. And we think value of a product or destination is not defined by its price.

Interested in a partnership? Do you want to invite us for a press trip or do you want to offer us a product for review? Do you have something special for us to write about?  Please contact us: