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There is so much to tell about driving off the road, where do I begin? 

Let’s start with some oneliners that have been proven very useful in my off-road and instructing career. And yes, they are somewhat popular oneliners or quotes, but just take some time to let them sink in.

"As slow as possible and as fast as necessary"

This is probably my favourite as it sums up pretty much what is is all about. I believe this quote is originally from Land Rover. I think it is self-explanatory but to make sure: try to be careful, tread lightly in general but sometimes you have to ‘step on it’ to conquer an obstacle.

"Thumbs on the wheel and follow through"

This is a quote that I use a lot (and keep on repeating) during off-road training. Always have your thumbs on the wheel during off-road driving. When you hit a rock or tree stump with a wheel, the steering wheel can be ‘hit’ out of your hands and can break your thumbs when they are in there. Also more steering control this way.

The follow through part is all about finishing what you started. Once you assessed the situation on how to conqueror an obstacle and make your move: just stick with it! Too many people stop during a planned move, which can create a dangerous situation (sliding, rolling over and so on). 

"Preparation is key"

Know what you are getting into and make sure that you have the gear to do it. Off course this is short for the 7 Ps: 

Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

"Two is one and one is none"

This basically means: always make sure that you have a backup plan. Whether it is for the way you think that you are going to handle something or your recovery gear: always have a backup!

"No guts, no glory"

When you have chosen a path or way to handle an obstacle, make sure you are ‘all in’ and really go for it. Sometimes bold moves are needed, be prepared for that.

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