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WHOOP, WHOOP! Our MAN HX60 has arrived at the yard of It is a beauty, brand new and with a winch, just what we were looking for. 

It came with all the goodies, and very important: the winch controller! We decided to name her ‘Monster’ for the time being. Yup, simple, little imagination, but just look at her…. it fits!

Once the Motorcraft box is mounted she will not longer be ‘Monster’ but she will be Mountain Yacht, much more gracious.

Monster not only looks brand new but she also has her original wax-coat on! 

We know that some tear that off but we think it is probably the best protection there is, when new off-course.


It will take a couple of weeks before Monster can join us as she has to be registered first. Although a little big for under the tree, Kevin will try to get her with us before Christmas!

The specialists @ will make sure that she has Dutch plates, a full service and check-up, new batteries and a fresh MOT.

Happy Camper!
Toy for the Boy!
Brothers in Arms

It is still hard to believe that the British Army lets go that many unused HX60’s. We’re just thrilled that they do, and we are confident that Monster will be a fantastic base for our Mountain Yacht build!


  • Dries Plevoets
    Posted 24 November 2021 at 09:56

    Proficiat met de aankoop! Laat de voorpret maar beginnen… succes ermee

  • Elke Kesnich
    Posted 24 December 2021 at 04:04

    Wat een avontuur weer! Geweldig, succes en we komen Monster graag n keer bekijken binnekort!

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