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As we both love to travel in any way possible, and we also like boats we decided to buy a seagoing yacht in 2017. We would use it as a floating holiday home and in time we would sail it to Norway – Iceland and after that to the Med and probably never come back…..

We leased a 28 metres box on the outer ring of the Amsterdam Marina. This gave us a fantastic view on the IJ-river and the city of Amsterdam.

Redeemer has a large swimming platform, and a partly indoor terrace with dining table and chairs. A large flybridge with lounge sofas and a second steering position completes the outside proposition. The kitchen is situated behind the swimming terrace thus giving a beautiful Seaview.

On the inside the Redeemer was more of an apartment than a boat-boat. Light and open saloon instead of small dark wooded compartments. In the aft there was a large kitchen with a fantastic seaside view. A large master cabin and bathroom with great shower made living aboard really comfortable. Central heating made sure that even frosty periods were comfortable. For us, Redeemer ticked all the boxes.

The flybridge was probably the best place of the yacht. Spacious and about 6 meters above the water, so great views guaranteed! 

Amy & RP having BBQ dinner with Remco & Willemijn and their daughter Charlotte.

We loved the river De Vecht which is very close to where we live. It is arguably the most beautiful river in The Netherlands. Tiny, old villages and lots of old estates from 17th century (Dutch Golden Age) Amsterdam merchants.

It is a fairly small river though, with old and small drawbridges along the way. We always had to be extra careful while manoeuvring, because there was not much room for error.

The first couple of years were fantastic and we spent a lot of time on Redeemer, even in winter. Last year we had a bad summer, and to be honest, interest slowly faded away. The problem was also that we have just too many hobbies.Whenever we can we travel to our beloved mountains in our Sprinter 4×4, winter and summer. This does not leave much room for Redeemer.

“We had to admit to ourselves that we are simply not sea people, we are mountain people!”

The first couple of years we had great summers and Redeemer was new to us, so we totally loved it. Along the way we concluded that we were never going to sail to Norway & Iceland, let alone the Med. But most of all: we had to admit to ourselves that we are simply not sea people,  we are mountain people! 

The mountains are calling, so we decided to sell the Redeemer and build a Mountain Yacht!

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