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The Sprinter 4×4 has served us well over the past 5 years. The build has paid off and there is not much that we would do different the next time. The only real disappointment was the 260AH AGM Beaut battery. It could not stand the cold and had trouble supplying enough power to use our Nespresso machine. Once we replaced it with the Optima Blue tops (2 x 75AH) we did not have that problem anymore. They keep on going. The only problem is that 150AH is not really a lot of capacity. We intend to switch to a 200AH LifePO4 Lithium battery in the future (with an internal heater).

As we did not really like the white color we decided to paint the Sprinter with Hammerite. We sanded it lightly and applied the Hammerite with a paint roller. This also provides an easy touch up whenever we drive through branches and so on.
We added a window on the left side as well. You cannot see through it but it just looks much better, we think.
We added a wheel carrier so we did not have to store the spare wheel inside any more.
As we travel with just the two of us most of the time (and with Scotty now) we removed the captain chairs and made a cabinet for our ski boots that we can also use as step-up to get on the bed. Scotty's bench fits right next to it under the bed.
We installed three 'deer' coat hooks as this is the best place to dry wet stuff. On the left side you see the black vent of the Webasto heating which blows against the insulated back doors. Hot air rises thus drying everything in between.
We added a Bravo snorkel as well, you never know how deep a water crossing can be! Besides that: cleaner fresher air is better for the filter and engine as well.
In the summer of 2020 the engine blew at 306.000 km. At the time we were in Luxembourg and on our way to Italy.
We decided to install a complete new (revised) engine. So our Freerider has a new heart!
When the Cooper ST/Maxx 265/75R16 wore out we have chosen the BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 in 245/75R16. This size is less 'cool' but suits the gear spacing better, especially in mountain terrain. It has a snowflake (wintertyre rating) so we can use them in winter as well.
After our front shocks were worn out we installed Koni Heavy Track shocks all around. Also Sumo Springs in the front (instead of the bump stops). Best decision ever, road handling is much, much better especially in curves and with strong winds on the highway.
We always had trouble to stay under 3.500 kg we decided to upgrade Freerider to a truck and a total weight of 3.880 kg. We installed VB Suspension air springs in the rear to make that possible. No more worries anymore about what we can bring on our trips!

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