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Our winter passion is at least as important as the 4×4 off-roading: Freeride skiing, which basically means skiing the whole mountain, preferrably outside the slopes!

Whenever there is a big dump of fresh powdery snow somewhere in Europe we try to be there! These trips are mostly short (fresh powder gets old soon) and very intensive. In the past we travelled by 4×4 and booked a B&B or hotel just hours in advance.

As we travelled a lot in the evening – night it was often difficult to get accommodation on such short notice. It also happened that during our drive, usually somewhere in Germany, the snow forecast changed, which meant we needed to change our plans last minute. Explaining why we waited as long as possible before booking accomodation.

That is why we decided to buy a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 and convert it into Freerider. That is also why we used a very extensive insulation package as we would spent lots of nights in serious sub-zero temperatures. Freerider has proven itself over 5 winters: we made countless trips from Cape North in Norway to the Piemonte region in Italy.

As we want to spend more time in the mountains (Winter and Summer), and do some proper road-tripping, we decided to step up our game. Our Mountain Yacht is next level with enough space to relax, work and sleep. A comfy shower, central heating as well as hot air heating, airconditioning and composting toilet is part of the deal. A roof with large solar panels and lithium LifePo4 batteries makes sure that we have enough power to stay in the wild. Lots of fantastic powder adventures lie ahead of us!

Below you find some pow shots from the past.