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This blog is about the sensors from the Finnish company RUUVi. We came in contact with these sensors by Mark from where we purchased our Victron equipment and MG Energy systems batteries. When you have an Overland vehicle (or a yacht for that matter) with lots of appliances and technology it is nice to…

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We are building a Mountain Yacht that will be travelling in the mountains during all seasons, but especially Winter. We have M+S tyres, 4x4, low gear, differential lockers all around and a hydraulic winch, so we are all good to go? For most situations we are more than equipped, even for heavy snowstorms as our…

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We are busy transforming Monster towards our Mountain Yacht. We used the last two months for definitive planning, measurements and ordering the last bits & pieces.  We also started with the actual build of the inside: heater, water and electricity, we will write separate articles on every part of that in the near future. We installed…

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