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We both have a deep love for the mountains, probably because we live in the flattest country on earth. Whenever possible we travel to our beloved mountains, whether it is Norway, the Alps or the Rockies! Road-tripping, exploring new cultures, views of nature and just ‘being’ in the outdoors is what we’re after.

Although, just ‘being’ in the mountains is not enough for us: we love to hike, bike, raft and most of all: freeride! On ski’s that is. We are both hooked on the white powder (no, not THAT powder, we mean snow!) and whenever it is dumping somewhere in Europe we jump in our Sprinter 4×4 (Freerider) to enjoy the freshies!

Because we shared the off-piste virus and are both risk conscious people, we met during an avalanche course in Engelberg – Switzerland and have been a couple since. We have quite a similar background in legal/finance/professional services: Amy as a Compliance Manager and RP as an Independent Financial and Wealth Advisor. Together we have five children: three are in University, one is flight attendant with Emirates and lives in Dubai. The last one is still in high school.

We even share a background in car racing as well: Amy raced in the Porsche 944 Cup (Zandvoort).  RP has been into 4×4’s since he bought his first Land Rover Discovery in 1992. He has been into off-road racing from 2005 – 2011 in competitions like The Breslau, Croatia Trophy, Istra Challenge, Transylvania Adventure Trophy and the Dutch National Challenge Championship.

In 2005 RP bought a Steyr truck in Austria and converted it into an Expedition Truck (camper). Used it for travelling and as a service truck for the off-road racing competitions. Sold the truck in 2011 and it is still somewhere travelling the world.

After years of sleeping in rooftop tents (summer) and hotels, B&B’s, etc. (winter) we decided that we needed a little more comfort and above all: flexibility! Often arriving in the middle of the night and driving in very bad weather conditions (snow storms) lead us to the conversion of a Sprinter 4×4. We bought a used Sprinter 4×4 in Germany and converted in in 2017. Check out the build!

Kids are growing up so we can travel more often and for longer periods of time. We are also used to work remotely (the Covid-era made that happen), so we decided that it was time for a new conversion. Although we still love our Sprinter 4×4 we miss some extra space to live, work and the luxury of a shower.

Feeling the need to roam the world in the near future, we decided that this is the time to build an Expedition Truck again! Our Mountain Yacht is a real ‘home away from home’, built on a former MAN HX60 military truck.

Have fun on our website, and hopefully get inspired by our stories, experiences and tips & tricks! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or say hi if you meet us “in the wild”!