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What the heck is Mountain Yachting we see you wonder… And we fully get that! We all know what Yachting is: the use of recreational boats and ships called yachts for racing or cruising. On water.  Land Yachts, however, are either small sailing buggys on wheels, or large (expedition) campers.

We used to own a seagoing yacht but learned that we are less ‘seagoing people’  than we thought. Fact is that we just love the mountains and our destinations mostly involve mountains, so Amy came up with Mountain Yachting! 

This is all about ‘living aboard’, being self reliant and enjoying nature and especially the mountains. #Vanlife is great, we have been doing it for the last five years in the Freerider, our self-built Sprinter 4×4.  Due to its smaller size, such a van has its limitations, especially on longer trips and in winter. No shower, small kitchen facilities etc. Just not a lot of indoor space.

Mountain Yachting is the next level for us! Our Mountain Yacht is small enough to be able to drive winding mountain roads, and big enough to be a complete tiny house on wheels, including all luxuries like shower, kitchen, central heating, airconditioning rooftop terrace, etc. Just like a real yacht!

We are a Dutch couple. We write in English because we travel internationally, meet people from all over the world and it is a common language. It is obviously not our first language so don’t expect perfect English grammar!  

On this website you will find stories about a Sprinter 4×4 Van conversion, building our Mountain Yacht and most of all: travel stories, Winter & Summer. Mainly mountains because flat land … we’ve seen too much of that already in our lifetime. Of course there is also Scotty’s corner, if you are in need of some cute pupper piccies!

We hope that you will enjoy our stories and reports. We do certainly NOT pretend to be professionals. We are just two enthousiasts who love to try and figure out stuff and make it work!  And what is legal in the Netherlands might be illegal somewhere else, and vice versa.

So a big disclaimer and ‘do not try this at home’ waiver might be in place, haha. 


Amy & RP

We do not have any advertising or affiliate links on our website, we just want to pass on information and give honest reviews of the products we use on our build and during our trips.